Forgery Proof Ink

The best pen combination for preventing check fraud!

Eco friendly pens with forgery proof ink.

Check or prescription fraud usually is a result of literally a washing away of the writing ink that appears on checks and prescriptions. This enables the criminal to rewrite the check or prescription. All of the eco-pens in this section come with a special ink that is water resistant. 

See our complete line of check safe pens that help prevent check washing at

Additional helpful links with information on check fraud:

National Check Fraud Center Site 
Check Fraud - A Guide to Avoiding Losses - 

Special:UniBall 207 special gel pens that contain water proof, color pigments that become trapped in paper fibers, virtually eliminating "check washing". These are not made from recycled material. The Uni-ball name is recognized worldwide for outstanding quality and style.

207 Gel Premier  

207 Gel and Fashion Gel

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